If you long for visually fetching textures and exquisite detail, then Vinod Traders is an apt choice for you. Located in Faridabad, they will not just create the design you have imagined but will also synchronise seamlessly with your wedding ensemble. With craftsmanship, elegant materials and sophisticated designs, Vinod Traders will ensure that your wedding announcement will be made in your unique style.

Products offered

Vinod Traders offers custom wedding stationery with beautifully elegant typography. All pieces are created using superior quality materials and crafted by expert stationers.

Vinod Traders are happy to provide you with all of the following products and more can be offered:

  • Regular paper invitations
  • Premium paper invitations
  • Laser cut invitations
  • Packaged invitations
  • Boxed invitations
  • Traditional Indian invitations
  • Contemporary invitations
  • Customised invitations

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